About the Production

About Tomorrow: The Influence and Impact of Science Fiction is a documentary feature film currently in production that explores the bold notion that science fiction has been the most important mode of human expression in both the 20th and 21st centuries. Filmmaker, Jason Ahlquist guides us on a journey from the first atomic bomb to the heated and partisan events of the 2016 Presidential election. At each stop, we will explore how science fiction and world-changing events have been caught in a cultural feedback loop.

The journey includes in-depth interviews with notable science fiction visionaries such as George R.R. Martin, Robert J. Sawyer, Steve Gould, David Gerrold, Laura Mixon, David Levine, James Van Pelt, Karl Schroeder, Scott James Magner,  Rolf Nelson and Trina Marie Phillips. Also featured are interviews with other subject-matter experts and science fiction fans.

About Tomorrow stars…

George R.R. Martin
Robert J. Sawyer
Steven Gould
Rolf Nelson
Laura Mixon
Karl Schroeder
David Gerrold
Scott James Magner

More profiles to come.